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     This is where I will post any interesting news and I will also have weekly filmmaking articles from myself or that someone sends to me.

February3,2003- New updates finally posted so check it out!!!
November13,2002- is officially launched.
November21,2002- Many new links have been added including many Australian and international ones.
December5,2002- New links have gone up and I have also finished a script for a short film I will be filming this summer. If you'd like to read it and help give me tyour feedback please e-mail me. Site is being re-vamped! I'm making it less forward and more into a community for film students. So send me any film stuff you have and want posted cuz it's all going up!
January13,2003- Sorry for the delay in updates, but I had exams and was away for the holidays. To start things up I want to post an e-mail I received about a possible short film venture. Check it out:
I am a musician/photographer in North Carolina, seeking film pros to help me
with a film short (for lack of better description) featuring my music.  There is
no storyboard yet, but music and a desire to shoot on parts of OLD route 66, and
seeking a googie-style diner for filming in.

Any students/struggling pros interested in helping me?  I am almost busted, but
willing to share most everything. 

Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Bevan Bancelj
P O Box 18405
Asheville, NC  28814

My business email is:

Anyway that's all for now, but keep sending stuff in.

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