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Check out the great articles in the news and article section!!!
 " This site is devoted to supplying film students and young filmmakers with   tips, links and connections to get their films made, seen and hopefully distributed.The hope here is that student's can find the information they need to get started  and also make connections with other users."
Hey everybody! Christian the owner of this site here. Above is what this site use to be about, but I've decided to change this around a bit. The site will still have all kinds of resources, but now I want it to be more interactive. This site is going to become a community for student filmmakers like myself to exchange ideas, make contacts and showcase their work. We are going to take a more relaxed look at everything so pretty much anything goes! E-mail me any ideas you have, but until then check out the new format.
One more thing, I want to start streaming student films on here for free so if anyone knows how I can get some good free hosting or a sponsor let me know!
Simply Scripts- One of the best script pages out there! CHECK IT OUT! -16,000 mistakes. 2,000 films.GREAT SITE!!
Film Secrets- great site full of info for making no budget films.
Austin Film Resource- Great directory site and has great downloads.
Cinebags- A cinematography site with a great grant so take a look.   



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